Frequently Asked Questions - Treatments for lines and wrinkles

Frequently asked questions - Treatments for lines and wrinkles

Are you ever too young for anti-wrinkle treatments?

Science informs us that anatomical changes associated with ageing can begin to appear as early as the mid 30s, although many factors can influence how obvious these changes are.  For this reason at Skin and Face Clinics we do not set strict age limits on treatments as this can vary greatly from individual to individual.  We therefore encourage an individual consultation where your concerns can be addressed and a clinical assessment of your needs made.

However, Annie generally likes to see some evidence of a line in the skin before agreeing to treat a patient as she remains unconvinced of the argument to treat prophylactically (ie. In order to stop lines before they appear.)

Annie prefers not to treat people when they are too young, as more often than not, it is simply a waste of their money.

Are injectable treatments painful?

For most people facial injections are not particularly painful; they can sound worse than they actually are!  The needles that are used are very small.  Perceptions of pain can be greater if you are feeling stressed so, if you feel rushed, unsure, or you don’t feel confident in the person administering the treatment, all this can contribute to a more unpleasant experience.

How often should treatments be repeated?

If you are having injectable treatments for cosmetic purposes at Skin and Face Clinics we do not use any products that effect a permanent result.  Therefore, you should expect that once you have achieved your desired change, in order to maintain your results, you will need to return for a repeat treatment.  The specifics of this vary greatly from individual to individual and Annie will make recommendations about this during your consultation.  These recommendations will take into consideration your budget as Annie believes the decision about when to have your next treatment is a personal choice and you will not be under pressure to book subsequent appointments.

What are the possible side-effects and complications of treatments?

As with any medical interventions, it is possible that side effects, complications or undesirable results may occur.  It is important that you are aware of such possibilities, they are explained to your satisfaction and you have had the opportunity to ask questions. These things will be covered in detail at your consultation, together with any information specific to you such as medical conditions you may have or your medical history.

How do you avoid the side-effects of treatments?

Side-effects of some treatments, such as bruising, are not entirely avoidable, but can be minimized by good injection techniques, care taken in how the injection is administered, the expertise of your practitioner and the after-care advice following treatment.