Top Ten Dos for finding the right facial aesthetics practitioner

​Top Ten Dos for finding a medical facial aesthetics practitioner you can trust

  1. Do research your practitioner’s facial aesthetics qualifications.
  2. Do ask questions.
  3. Don’t be rushed into a decision.  If you feel under pressure, look for the door!
  4. Don’t be enticed by special offers.  Be aware that if you are taking advantage of reduced rates, it might be an inexperienced person treating you! Remember, this is a medical procedure, not ‘buy one, get one free’.
  5. Ask about your practitioner’s experience.
  6. Always ask for the name of the Dermal Filler you are going to be treated with.
  7. Avoid any Dermal Filler that is permanent – Beware!
  8. Ensure you have been told about possible complications – even if you don’t want to know!
  9. Do ensure your practitioner is prepared to follow you up after treatment or has given you a contact number.
  10. A lot of clinics hound people to ask if they would like further treatments.   Never be under pressure to make quick choices about treatments.  It’s your face, you’ve got to live with the results of any treatment you have – even though it’s temporary.