Top Tips for Finding a Practitioner

Only approach a properly qualified and registered nurse, doctor, or dentist with years of proven experience in facial aesthetics

Annie would recommend that you find a properly qualified doctor, dentist or nurse with experience in facial aesthetics.  Don’t be fooled by websites that look professional, but are vague about who will actually be treating you.  Just because a website states practitioners have ten years experience, always check what this experience is in because it may not be in medical aesthetics, but a completely unrelated field.

Ask for a training up-date

Even those with appropriate medical qualifications may have done no more than one day of training in facial aesthetics.  Ask when the last training update was done (also called CPD) and you can even ask to see a copy of the certificate.

Seek recommendations

Talk to friends and ask about their experiences.  Practitioner finders are available on some of the websites of companies who market dermal fillers.  Each company will have their own criteria for who appears on this list and it’s often a commercial one.   However, even if the criteria is commercial, and a certain amount of product has to be ordered to get listed, it does at least inform you that the individual is doing a reasonable amount of procedures with the product.