Amazing lips in time for the party season!

Want to have amazing lips and add a winter sparkle to your skin, without looking overdone? Annie Cartwright, Skin and Face Clinics, Cardiff, shares her top tips…

If you are looking for a winter treat to rejuvenate the overall look of your face just in time for the party season, why not consider a treatment to improve the definition and volume of your lips?

Annie Cartwright, Skin and Face ClinicsAnnie Cartwright, Director of Skin and Face Clinics, who has 12 years experience of giving these kinds of treatments, said:

“When you mention lip treatments to some people, all they can remember is the disastrous lip treatments they’ve seen reported in the media, and not the success stories.   However, believe it or not, it is possible to have amazing lips without looking overdone, and it can transform the appearance of your whole face. 

“As people age, the perioral area around the mouth is often the first place people notice changes as the lips start to lose volume and definition. If definition is restored with precision and expertise, it can have a big rejuvenating effect on your face without you looking overdone.”

Annie uses newer generation of Dermal Fillers

Annie uses the newer generation of Dermal Fillers (injectable treatments that help to add volume under the skin) that can provide long lasting and very natural looking results.  The treatment is for anyone who feels that their lips are thinner, flatter, or have lost volume as they have aged, and this kind of treatment could add a touch of glamour to your Christmas make-over!

"Incredibly thorough and honest in my consultation"

Chloe, one of Annie’s clients who recently had a lip treatment, said:

“As it was my first time considering lip fillers I was quite nervous and Annie put me at ease and was incredibly thorough and honest in my consultation.  I was quite particular about the look I wanted and Annie explained how she could create that.  It was incredibly quick to do and painless and as soon as I looked in the mirror at the end, I had a burst of confidence.  People are complimenting me and they can’t quite pinpoint what has changed until I tell them.  It looks so natural. Thank you Annie!”

Another top tip for adding a winter sparkle to your skin is that you should always keep your skin properly protected and hydrated in the colder months. Even though light levels diminish you might consider using a sunscreen as skin can still be damaged by ultra violet light.

Vitamin A with a cream such as Retinol

You might also want to start a regime utilizing Vitamin A with a cream such as Retinol which refines and can improve the appearance of the skin. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of fluid and remember that alcohol and caffeine dehydrate and could contribute to a loss of luminosity in the appearance of your skin.

Peels and micro-needling

Winter is also a great season to consider treatments like peels and micro-needling as the skin is more vulnerable after these treatments and so benefits from lower levels of sunlight in the autumn and winter.  See the special offer currently running on the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance as part of the Beauty and the Treat feature in November’s issue of Surrey Life.

Find out more about how you can sparkle during the party season?  Call Annie now for a free consultation on 01276 28336, email, or visit the website for more details: