Annie Cartwright Reveals the Latest Techniques

Annie Cartwright, Skin and Face Clinics, dispels the fears of looking overdone after facial cosmetic procedures by revealing how to achieve natural-looking results with the latest techniques.

Annie Cartwright, Director, Skin and Face ClinicsIf you have spent years wondering whether to have a facial cosmetic procedure, but have never got around to taking the plunge, you are not alone.

Fears about looking overdone can be a turn-off

Fears of looking overdone can be a real turn-off for those who would like to see a very subtle change in their appearance, without it being noticed by their friends or family.

After 12 years experience in the industry, Annie Cartwright, Director, Skin and Face Clinics, understands this dilemma all to well.  She says:

"My clients just want to look fresher, with a subtle change in their appearance to combat the signs of ageing. This even affects the way they pay for their treatment, avoiding using joint accounts so their partners don't find out!”

Fortunately, the latest advances in products and injection techniques, mean that Annie is now able to deliver increasingly subtle, more natural-looking results than ever before.

8-point face-lift

One of the more advanced facial aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the signs of ageing is the 8-point facelift that Annie delivers to clients at her clinic in Cardiff, and the Beauty Rooms, Camberley, Surrey. 

In the last twelve months the number of people having this procedure has quadrupled and Annie explains why:

“These techniques have been developed to help people who would like to look how they did 10 to 15 years ago by restoring lost volume in the face, resulting in a far more natural-looking result.

“From your mid 30s, signs of volume loss and changes in tissue elasticity and skin tone start to become noticeable, and this becomes even more evident as people reach their 40s.  This technique is designed to replace the volume that’s been lost and add support into the tissue structures that have been affected by ageing.   

“We are moving away from filling lines to the more global, natural rejuvenation of the whole face. This new generation of long-lasting but non-permanent treatments achieves a degree of support within the tissues not seen previously, allowing the injection techniques to achieve the success they do.

“However, for this technique to be successful your practitioner has to have a good eye for detail, involving a level of artistry so that people don't necessarily look perfect, but rejuvenated.

“You need to understand the process of ageing on the facial anatomy and be able to add volume so people don’t look dramatically different and still keep their natural attributes!   After years of experience, you can see the youth in someone’s face.”

Independent nurse practitioner with years of experience

As an Independent Nurse Practitioner, with an MSc in Advanced Practice, and 12 years experience in the industry, Annie makes every effort to keep ahead of the latest techniques. 

Annie was also one of 8 UK nurses recently made an ambassador and trainer for the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cosmetic products in the industry.

Catherine, one of Annie’s recent satisfied customers explains how she felt when she first visited Annie’s clinic in Surrey:

“I am a 22 year old health care professional, I have never had a voluntary cosmetic procedure before bar some re-constructive dental work done, and I was very nervous about having lip fillers so I researched the procedure, prices and practitioners extensively, bringing me to discover Annie.

“I felt under no pressure in the free consultation Annie provided and I would really like to emphasise the confidence she instilled in me to go ahead with the procedure. She really does know what she's talking about. I am very happy with the results.

“She has a fantastic eye and had managed to do exactly what I asked of her, her prices are extremely reasonable and I don't think anybody could have done my procedure better. For those in doubt about this procedure in particular, my worst fear would be to look 'tacky' or 'duck faced'…I opted for a dental block before the procedure, the administration of which was unbelievably painless (much less so than my dentist) and there was very little leftover bruising afterwards. I trust her implicitly and will definitely be having treatment with her.”

Why not call Annie to find out more and book a free consultation with no obligation on 02920567096 or email  You can also visit the website at: