Annie Cartwright Says Advanced Training is Essential for Aesthetic Practitioners

Annie Cartwright, Skin and Face Clinics, is helping to shape the future for aesthetic practice in the UK …

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing at the new Coach House Clinics in Llandaff since they opened last year, but Annie Cartwright says she is still passionate about being the best at what she does.

So we asked Annie why advanced training is essential for aesthetic practitioners?

Market leaders in aesthetics long term will be well-trained experts

“I don’t think we should ever settle for being ‘good enough’. The market leaders in aesthetics long-term will be those businesses with well-trained experts who can pave the way for safer cosmetic procedures that offer more natural-looking results.

“The advances that have been made in the technology of dermal fillers and the way injections are done, mean that we can achieve cosmetic results to improve the appearance of the whole face, including areas such as the chin, that were previously only addressed by surgery.  Improvements can be made to the jaw line, chin and jowls, often key features of an ageing face.

“For the advanced practitioner, the days of chasing away simple nose to mouth lines are long gone.  We are now doing advanced facial rejuvenation, rather than simply filling out lines.”

What training have you delivered this year?

Ambassador and trainer for UK's leading supplier of cosmetic products

“This year in my role as an ambassador and trainer for the UK’s leading supplier of cosmetic products, I’ve delivered training across the country to other practitioners at intermediate and advanced level, teaching injection techniques based on the ‘Facial Codes’, a methodology to rejuvenate the face with the safest and most effective techniques, producing a natural-looking result.

“I think you should never waste a learning opportunity to stay ahead, and the safety of your client is always paramount.

“I was delighted to be the keynote speaker at a recent Journal of Aesthetic Nursing conference, highlighting the changes to the code of conduct for nurses, aiming to raise professionalism and improve education among those practicing aesthetic medicine.

“Aesthetic practitioners need to get better at evaluating why they do what they do, whether treatments are safe and effective, and this means being up on the latest research and best practice.”

What do your clients say?

“I heard about Annie from my hairdresser who had been treated by her and looked amazing. I was quite tentative, but Annie is not business driven at all. She is completely professional, knowledgeable and skilled, taking time to listen to what you want and giving you time to choose. I was very specific that I didn’t want to look so tired, but stay natural looking, and after my treatment my close friends couldn’t identify what had changed – they just thought I was using different make-up.”

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Live Injection Demonstration Clinical Cosmetic and Reconstructive Expo London Olympia October 2015.

Lecturing on Facial Codes for Advanced Treatments.

Advanced Dermal Filler Treatment.

Annie With Other Members of the Allergan Medical Institute Faculty International Training Event in Nice in March 2015.