COVID-19 vaccination and dermal fillers

COVID-19 Vaccination and dermal filler


I have become aware of a small number of reports about issues related to dermal filler experienced by people following their COVID-19 vaccination.  

I have also received some questions from my patients, so I thought it would be helpful to give you some more accurate information in the hope of demystifying these occurrences.

First, it is important to the note that while the reports I have seen so far, documented in the USA, describe some cases of a delayed dermal filler reaction following vaccination with the Moderna vaccine, rare cases like this may not only relate to this particular vaccine.
Moderna has been the most widely used vaccine in the initial rollout in the USA and there has been no apparent age prioritisation in the US so far where access to the vaccine has been subject to an individual’s health insurance and vaccine availability.  
This has led to a younger demographic currently being vaccinated in the US compared to the UK that is, therefore, more likely to contain individuals who have had dermal filler in the recent past. 
The type of delayed filler reaction described in these small number of cases documented in the USA is typical of the kind of immunological response (rarely) seen, but well documented, with dermal filler and can be triggered by anything that challenges the body’s immune response.  
I have seen instances of this type of reaction over the 18 years I have been in practice, triggered by all of the following scenarios: viral illness, chest infection, urinary tract infection, soft tissue infection, seasonal allergies and a systemic reaction to insect bites.  I must emphasise these reactions are rare and can be effectively managed, particularly when reported to us early.
However, to reduce the risk of this unusual and very rare reaction occurring, I have taken the decision to advise my patients to wait 4 weeks either side of their COVID-19 vaccination before undertaking dermal filler treatments.  
The priority remains to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. over and above your dermal filler appointment that should be arranged appropriately around your vaccination date.
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