Cosmaceuticals is the name given to a range of skin care products that have active ingredients and some are classed as medicines.  We treat a variety of conditions including Milia (deposits under the skin), Acne, and Rosacea.
Among the products we use are:

Fire & Ice Facials

The iS Clinical Fire & Ice facial re-surfacing treatment is an A-list celebrity favourite used to reduce fine lines, encourage cellular renewal, and create smoother skin with no down-time, ideal for treating dehydrated, problematic and ageing skin.
The product works by refining skin and stimulating new cell growth and, because of its skin calming formulation, is perfect for the routine maintenance of skin, as well as special occasions.  
The concentrated serums in the iS Clinical Fire & Ice range help to reduce pore size, address hyper-pigmentation, refine skin texture, stimulate cell turnover, and promote the production of collagen to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin.


iS Clinical Skin Care

The iS Clinical skin care range uses clinically proven, plant-derived ingredients in its effective home skin care range.  These plant-based ingredients are effective in treating open pores, pigment, fine lines, and textural changes associated with damaged and ageing skin.