Annie Cartwright, Director, Skin and Face Clinics, was one of the first medical aesthetics practitioners in Cardiff to offer patients a brand new injectable product called Volite to help improve skin quality.




Hand-picked to conduct an evaluation of Volite

As one of a small, hand-picked group of experienced practitioners invited to conduct a pre-launch evaluation of Volite®, Annie has gained first-hand experience of injecting the new product ahead of training other injectors later this year.

During the Volite® product evaluation, all the patients were invited back to the clinic two weeks after treatment so Annie could evaluate the results and ask their opinions about the treatment experience. This also gave Annie first hand experience of administering Volite before it was officially launched.

 After returning from Prague where she joined expert injectors from 45 nations to share best practice, Annie told us more about the new Volite® treatment and why the product is so different from others on the market.

What is Volite used for?

Volite® is a new injectable treatment from the Juvederm® family of products.  It has been developed for administration just under the skin's surface to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin and resolve issues such as roughness, dryness, fine lines and scarring.

Why is Volite so different from other products?

Even if you are not used to having an injectable treatment, this product is definitely worth a second look. Volite has the capability of hydrating the skin from deep within, achieving results that are simply not possible with moisturisers applied to the surface. 

In common with other Juvederm® products like Voluma®, Volite utilizes the long-lasting Vycross® technology.  It is the only product of its kind currently available that requires just one treatment, with the results lasting up to six months afterwards, making it an efficient and cost-effective treatment option for my patients.

In a recent Volite treatment study, 87% of patients said they would recommend the treatment to a friend, while over 80% of patients said they were more satisfied with their skin 6 months after treatment.

Why do you think skin care is so important?

There are interesting cultural differences in the importance we place on skin quality but, generally speaking, the quality and texture of our skin can say a lot about - not just our age - but also our state of health and well-being, and these things in-turn impact the way we feel, the way we see ourselves, and our self-confidence.  

Why should patients come to your clinic for treatment?

We are providing patients with an introductory 18% discount on Volite treatments up to 31 May and I would encourage anyone with issues relating to skin texture considering this brand new treatment to get in touch with us as soon as possible.