Latest skin care techniques revealed.

Latest skin care techniques and top tips for a winter glow

Annie Cartwright, Director of Skin and Face Clinics in Llandaff Village, Cardiff, talks to us about the latest skin care techniques and reveals her top tips on how to carry a healthy glow into the winter months…

How has the clinic been going since we last caught up with you?

We love being in the tranquil setting of Llandaff.

Seeing visitors taking photos around the village reminds me how incredibly fortunate we are to be based in such beautiful surroundings.

Although Llandaff is peaceful, the clinic itself is a hive of activity and has attracted a large number of new clients over the summer months, many of whom are looking for top of the range treatments in a high quality, clean, safe, clinic environment.

So tell us more about the training you have been doing over the past few months?

It’s a real privilege to be asked to train other practitioners in my field of expertise.

This undoubtedly helps me to stay ahead of the latest best practice in facial aesthetics.

In my consultancy role for the UK’s market leading aesthetics company, I have travelled extensively over the past few months, visiting Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Portsmouth and London’s Harley Street, delivering advanced training to my peers in advanced injection techniques.

8 point face lift and MD Codes

These included the 8-point face lift and the MD Codes for full-face rejuvenation.  This is a new generation of long-lasting, but non-permanent, treatment designed to replace the volume that’s been lost and add support into tissue structures that have been affected by ageing.

Do you think the quality of people’s skin can affect their self-esteem?

Many of the clients I see want to improve the quality of their skin to help them retain a youthful appearance.  It seems that good skin, or the lack of it, can really affect their confidence and self-esteem. 

We know from scientific studies that we make an association, which is often subconscious, between clear, smooth skin, good health, youth and vitality.  I know, from experience, that the changed appearance of skin associated with everything from acne in teens, to menopause in middle-age, can make people feel self-conscious.

So what top tips have you got for people wanting to protect and improve the quality of their skin in the winter months?

As summer tans start to fade in the Autumn, I am often asked how people can repair their skin after sun damage, and get a radiance boost as they head into the gloomy winter months.

A change in the weather and the need for central heating can make skin dryer and appear dull, so this is a great time for simple exfoliation to improve skin quality. It’s also an ideal time to start thinking about peels and micro-needling after the risk of sun exposure is over.  

Obaji Blue Peel Radiance and EDS Micro-Needling

I highly recommend the Obaji Blue Peel Radiance treatment to help improve skin texture and transform and renew the complexion to counter the signs of ageing. Another advanced treatment we offer clients is Collagen Induction Therapy using EDS Micro-Needling, from the makers of Genuine Dermaroller®.  This stimulates the skin to produce more collagen as it heals, improving skin texture and elasticity, as well as scarring.  Its effectiveness is well recognised and it was featured recently in the national press.

People should book early if they want these treatments as the diary is already starting to fill up as people return from holiday and want a boost to their skin care regime.