Thread Lifting has been brewing up a media storm. Is it safe and effective?

Thread Lifting, a well-established treatment to rejuvenate the face without cosmetic surgery, has been brewing up a media storm recently. Is it safe and effective ask Skin and Face Clinics, Cardiff?

Annie Cartwright, Director, Skin and Face Clinics, considers the potential complications and whether Thread Lifting is all it’s ‘pulled’ up to be …

Thread Lifting, which uses a needle and thread to lift the cheeks and lower face, is definitely getting a good press. 

In the right hands and applied to the right face, the technique can be a good option for those in their 30s who want to tighten the skin of the lower face and jawline.

The treatment, which costs around £1,500 depending on the practitioner, usually lasts for up to two years and there are a number of different types of thread available.

However, while the results tend to be seen as a safe and effective means of facial rejuvenation, the results are not a permanent fix and the procedure can have some complications.

These include broken threads, potentially uneven results, and the risks associated with placing the threads such as severe bruising and the possible compromise of significant blood vessels.

This is why, if you are considering Thread Lifting, you need to pay close attention to who is doing the procedure and find out exactly what their experience is. Ask about complication rates and how these will be managed if a problem occurs.

Thread Lifting also doesn’t address some of the most significant issues related to facial ageing such as why there is skin laxity in the first place. This is a loss in fat volume and changes to the structure of the facial tissues.

As I spend a lot of my clinical practice time doing facial rejuvenation procedures, I see the role and impact that loss of fat volume in the face has on the appearance as a whole.

For me using Thread Lifting, without replacing the lost volume, is a bit like the old days of dermal fillers when we treated the symptoms and not the cause; for example, filling the nose to mouth lines without addressing the reasons why they appeared or why they have got worse and caused the patient to come to my clinic.

The types of procedure I offer bring about a rejuvenation of the whole face, rather than simply addressing skin laxity, which is only one of the many issues associated with ageing.

Addressing the signs of facial ageing at its anatomical origins frequently gives rise to lifting and tightening the skin of the jawline, the very problem that people seeking Thread Lifting want to resolve.

In the right hands this can be done using dermal fillers and a skilled injection technique. The results last for a similar length of time to Thread Lifting but can often be offered at a lower cost.

Thread lifting definitely has its place for the right patient. However, before you embark on this procedure, make sure you look at all the available options.

Don't rule out any of the possible alternatives to Thread Lifting until you've had proper advice from a qualified practitioner who will explain all the pros and cons of each procedure and give you plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

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