Our new safety video

We are doing all we can to make sure you experience the highest possible hygiene standards when you visit our clinic.  We have had great feedback from professionals and our first few patients about the new clinic setup  

We are inviting patients to view our new VIDEO that explains our new procedures and what you can expect when you visit us.

We still have a watchful eye on the progress of the pandemic, and we believe this is far from over, as today’s Government announcement demonstrates.  I would, therefore, really encourage you to download the COVID-19 App, a partnership between King’s College Hospital London and the Zoe research group, and take 20 seconds to daily report on your health.  A large amount of helpful data has already come from the 4 million or so people in the UK that are using the App.  Help the scientists help us.

We are adhering to the Save Face COVID-19 Operational Protocol for the protection of all our patients and staff and this includes being treated by staff in full medical grade PPE and the introduction of comprehensive disinfection procedures.

We think these measures are essential to help us mitigate any risks, without compromising the outstanding treatment results we provide!


Your safety is our top priority, so we are taking a gradual approach to the re-introduction of the treatments we provide.

We are accredited by Save Face, a register that is exclusive to regulated healthcare professionals, so our aesthetic practice adheres to a clear medical model in terms of patient selection, assessment, consultation, consent and medical records.

This will inform our aesthetics practice and determine the range of treatments we can offer in the first instance, although this will be regularly reviewed in line with the latest advice about safe practice under current COVID-19 guidelines.

Please CONTACT US to find out the range of treatments we are currently able to provide.


Annie Cartwright appeared on the Eleri Sion show for BBC Radio Wales again this month, where she was invited to discuss how to treat skin problems associated with wearing face masks.

These skin problems can range from extra dry skin caused by chafing, or far more oily skin due to sweating and irritation, or increased acne. 

We are recommending that you wash your face immediately after wearing a mask and wear the least amount of make-up as possible.

If you are suffering from skin problems, you can see the range of treatment we would recommend for a variety of conditions on our Skin Care web page.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Enjoy the sunshine and don't forget the SPF!