Sharing best practice at Masterclass

MD Codes Masterclass with Mauricio do Maio, a technique offered in Annie's Clinic!

Annie Cartwright, Director, Skin and Face Clinics, made her way through snow and ice to attend the Allergan Medical Faculty meeting and Masterclass with Mauricio do Maio, plastic surgeon, author, and the inventor of the MD Codes.  

MD Codes - a revolutionary injection technique

MD codes are a revolutionary injection technique to systematically address the signs of ageing, resulting in an undistorted natural appearance.  Annie not only offers these techniques in her own clinics, but also trains other doctors, dentists and nurses in these techniques as well.

Whole face rejuvenation

Patients are increasingly considering whole face rejuvenation, not just the treatment of one line on its own, because they know that several small improvements in the right places can make a big overall difference to how they look.  These are advanced procedures and when performed by experts, can produce soft and natural-looking results without distorting features, despite the fact that treatment may entail using 10 or more syringes of filler.