Skin and Face Clinics officially accredited as safe and qualified!

Skin and Face Clinics in Cardiff has become one of the first in the UK to be officially accredited as safe and qualified to carry out non-surgical cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers.

Skin and Face Clinics is at the forefront of the facial aesthetics industry

Legally, anyone in the UK can carry out these kinds of treatments and the industry has come under huge pressure to provide protection for patients from cowboy practitioners. Save Face, which launched recently, is the first organisation in the UK to provide a register of accredited practitioners – all of which have been visited and assessed for professionalism, qualifications and safety to give patients peace of mind when booking treatments.

Skin and Face Clinics, located in Llandaff, is one of the first clinics in Wales to be awarded the Save Face accreditation. The business was set up by experienced Cardiff graduate, Annie Cartwright, who has been practicing in anaesthetics for over 11 years, has an MSc in Advanced practice, and was recently made an ambassador and trainer for the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cosmetic products in the industry.

Speaking about the importance of being awarded the accreditation by Save Face, Annie Cartwright said:

“For me, staying at the forefront in this industry is all about being able to offer expert, professional advice in a safe, clean, clinical environment.  Being accredited by Save Face is a way of distinguishing ourselves as professional, qualified, safe and caring.

“I am very pleased that Save Face has come forward to regulate the non-invasive cosmetic treatment industry. The regulation will help to make these injectable treatments safer for the patients, who are the ones we should be thinking about first.

“There is still a long way to go in educating the public about these treatments, both in terms of what to look for and what to avoid, and hopefully with the Save Face accreditation process we will get there sooner rather than later. Ultimately the consumer must learn to ask questions, no matter who is treating them, and to keep asking questions until they are satisfied.  Cost alone should never be the single motivating factor for choosing a treatment or practitioner.

“Save Face were very helpful throughout the whole accreditation process and helped to make it easier for us. We hope that with Save Face regulating the industry it will raise standards and inspire others to do better.”

Ashton Collins, Director of Save Face, said:

“The Save Face register is more than just a clinic finder. The register is an essential tool for consumers who are considering non-invasive cosmetic treatment and are concerned with safety. Each clinic and individual practitioner that is accredited has been assessed through a rigorous qualifying process that is approved and over-seen by clinical experts. Their qualifications, training and background have been thoroughly checked and measured against a robust and transparent set of standards to ensure they are safe. Protecting the consumers is very important to us and we are proud to be able to offer this register of accredited practitioners.”

Among the non-surgical cosmetic treatments Skin and Face Clinics offers are anti-ageing treatments, corrective procedures such as tear trough deformity, lip enhancements, chemical peels, dermaroller, and a new treatment called the 8 point face lift – a strategy for combating the effects of ageing on the face.

The market for non-surgical cosmetic treatments is currently worth £2.3 billion to the British economy and is set to increase to £3.6 billion by 2015. Save Face is based in South Wales and is run by directors Ashton Collins and Brett Collins, and clinical director and experienced practitioner Emma Davies.

The Save Face register is only open to registered doctors, dentists and nurses who can demonstrate that they are insured and have received certified training. All premises are inspected. Practitioners must operate against best practice standards and have policies and procedures that demonstrate this. Save Face works with practitioners to help develop policies and improve standards across the industry.

Save Face also offers patients independent and unbiased information on non-surgical cosmetic treatments on its website