Skin and Face Clinics in Cardiff


Skin and Face Clinics Opens New and Discrete Premises in Llandaff, Cardiff

Annie Cartwright, Director, Skin and Face Clinics Limited, is celebrating the launch of her first stand-alone clinic in Llandaff, Cardiff, in the newly refurbished Coach House Clinics.

Annie, who is a qualified Independent Nurse Prescriber with an MSc in Advanced Practice, who has also recently been appointed to the Board of the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing after 11 years experience in the industry, said:

“I’ve spent the last 11 years building up a strong network of clients and have always wanted to find my own premises. For me, being at the forefront in this industry is all about being able to offer clients a quality experience including adequate appointment times so they don't feel pressured or rushed, and expert, professional advice, in a clean, clinical environment.

“Thankfully, the right place has come along at just the right time, which is central but also discrete, which is quite an achievement.  I’m delighted to have opened my new clinic in the beautiful and tranquil setting of Llandaff Village.”

Coach House renovated to high standard

The Coach House Clinics have been renovated to very high standard with a chrome and glass finish, complete with a chandelier in reception which all adds to the appeal of a bespoke service which puts the client first.

"She's a real celebrity aesthetics lady"

One of Annie Cartwright’s clients, the former Miss Wales, glamour model, and online TV presenter, Sophia Cahill, attended the opening this week and said:

“I am delighted Annie has now opened her own premises.  I moved to London last year and people here are top notch, but I travel back regularly to see Annie because I trust her and she’s the best.  She understands me, and what I like, but always gives her professional view.  She’s a real celebrity facial aesthetics lady!

“There’s no way I’m growing old gracefully.  You’ve only got one life to live, so why not live it the way you want to look living it! Looks are superficial and you still remain who you are on the inside.

“Some people go to extremes and you can take it too far, and that’s when it goes wrong. The best cosmetic procedures are when you enhance what you’ve got, and Annie is great at this.” 

Natural results and not overdone

Annie’s main aim is to offer treatments that achieve a natural look so it’s not obvious that people have had anything done; they just look a bit fresher. Annie’s most popular procedures are dermal filler injections to replace lost volume, as well as treatments to smooth out facial lines caused by muscle contraction, such as frown lines between the brow, and lines to the sides of the eyes, so-called ‘crows feet’, as well as a range of anti-aging and skin treatments.

To make an appointment with Annie at the Coach House Clinics, call 029 2056 7096.  Annie Cartwright and Sophia Cahill