‘Teen-Toxing’ – is it safe?

‘Teen-Toxing’, the new fad among teenagers who want anti-wrinkle injections because they think they can prevent wrinkles from developing, is totally unacceptable according to Annie Cartwright, Managing Director of Skin and Face Clinics Limited.

Annie Cartwright, who has been practicing in the field of facial aesthetics since 2003 and is one of Cardiff’s most experienced, fully qualified practitioners, believes the new craze among teenagers should not be encouraged on ethical grounds, even though it is currently legal in the UK.

Annie Cartwright said:

“There is no scientific evidence to justify giving anti-wrinkle treatments as a preventative measure, and this perception that it is necessary to prevent, rather than cure, facial lines and wrinkles, has been compounded by misinformation, largely from practitioners with a lack of experience.

“Most responsible practitioners rarely treat patients under the age of 30 and you have to ask yourself whether you can clinically justify any treatment, and whether a room full of your peers would take the same decision.

“Anti-wrinkle treatments can work really well for those in their 30s or 40s who may have started to develop fixed facial lines.  Where an anti-wrinkle treatment is truly indicated, it is fantastic for helping to improve the confidence of someone whose facial lines portray a mood they don’t feel.

“The youngest person I ever treated was a 22 year old solicitor.  She had a huge groove on her forehead and so, anatomically, had a feature which caused her to have a severe frown line.  

“Every decision you make depends on the patient you have sitting opposite you.  Some people don’t want to learn to say no but you’ve got to be responsible and adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.”

“I would urge younger people to keep their money, and enjoy life, until they’ve got something to show for it, and then go and have it fixed.”