The frown that started a career in facial aesthetics!

After finding a cure for her constant frowning, Annie Cartwright, Director, Skin and Face Clinics, shares the personal story of why she started her successful business….

Cutting edge in facial aesthetics

Working at the cutting edge in facial aesthetics, Annie Cartwright, Director of Skin and Face Clinics, is celebrating 12 years in the industry.

Annie is a highly qualified Independent Nurse Prescriber, with an MSc in advanced practice, and has developed an enviable and loyal client base over the years.

Looking back, Annie says she was prompted to start the business when she received a successful facial cosmetic procedure herself.

Constant frown led Annie into the facial aesthetics industry

After being constantly told that she looked like she was frowning, Annie took action and decided to sneak off in her lunch break to have something done about it!

Annie said:

“I had deep frown creases in my forehead, but after having the treatment, over the course of the next few days, the lines dramatically reduced and then faded away completely. I didn’t tell my husband for eight weeks and he didn’t even notice! 

“With a background in nursing, I’d always been interested in the medicalization of some procedures, and when these treatments started to be developed, and after having a treatment myself, a whole new specialty opened up to me. From then on, I knew I wanted to change my career and work in this developing and exciting area of facial aesthetics. 

“I started to develop my competence and experience, read all the research, and made it my business to take advantage of every training opportunity.  Courses are really important because you can always pick up something to help your patients.”

"I wouldn't work with anyone else"

Annie first met Rebecca Chamberlain, Manager of The Beauty Rooms, Camberley, when she was setting up her business.  Rebecca was disillusioned with the skin treatments she had received in the past and explained:

“I had suffered from chronic acne all my life as a side effect of having PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and was so disappointed with the service and treatments I had received over the years, I decided I could do a better job myself.  The ethos behind the Beauty Rooms is that everyone is welcome and our treatments give genuine results. We attain this with the highest levels of professionalism and quality of service.

“As soon as I met Annie I knew she shared the same ethos. She was so knowledgeable and experienced, and genuinely cared about her clients, I knew The Beauty Rooms would benefit from her level of expertise.  Having known and worked with Annie for a number of years now, the difference in her knowledge base and professionalism compared to other practitioners is huge and I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”

Talking about the expectations of her clients in Surrey, Annie added:

“Most of my Surrey clients want to look fresher, with a subtle change in their appearance to combat the signs of ageing, without it being noticed by their family and friends.

“It’s all about being able to age well and look good as you do it.  People shouldn’t feel under any pressure to have treatments.  They should do it as a treat for themselves, and certainly not feel guilty about it.

“I really value the variety of people I meet, I get to know them over time, and it makes my job loads of fun.  They grow to trust me because I am always honest about the results they will get, and they know I will tell them if they don’t need a particular treatment!”

Sarah, one of Annie’s pleased customers, said recently:

“People were telling me that I looked well and that’s down to you and your expert work.”

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