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Skin and face care - Cosmaceuticals

Cosmaceuticals is the name given to a range of skin care products that have active ingredients and some are classed as medicines.  These products, therefore, need to be used under supervision and appropriately.

We treat a variety of conditions:


These are keratin deposits under the skin that can be removed, usually fairly easily, by a professional.  Not everything that appears as a ‘white spot’ or Milia is.  If the lesions appear around the eyes it is possible that it may be a condition called xanthelasma, which in some cases is caused by high cholesterol levels in the blood.


This is a condition caused by the over-production of sebum and bacteria and there are a number of strategies for treating it.

Topical Cosmaceuticals can be used and there are a variety of prescription-strength options, and a number of strategies available, to improve the condition of the skin.  Annie offers skin creams and the option of laser treatment, via an affiliate clinic, if you are suitable.


Rosacea is frequently difficult to treat and depending on the type of Rosacea different treatment strategies may be recommended.  


Among the products we use are:

Fire & Ice Facials

The iS Clinical Fire & Ice facial re-surfacing treatment is an A-list celebrity favourite used to reduce fine lines, encourage cellular renewal, and create smoother skin with no down-time, ideal for treating dehydrated, problematic and ageing skin.

The product works by refining skin and stimulating new cell growth and, because of its skin calming formulation, is perfect for the routine maintenance of skin, as well as special occasions.  

The concentrated serums in the iS Clinical Fire & Ice range help to reduce pore size, address hyper-pigmentation, refine skin texture, stimulate cell turnover, and promote the production of collagen to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin.

iS Clinical Skin Care

The iS Clinical skin care range uses clinically proven, plant-derived ingredients in its effective home skin care range.  These plant-based ingredients are effective in treating open pores, pigment, fine lines, and textural changes associated with damaged and ageing skin.

Environ Skin Care Range

We stock the Environ range of skin care products for anti-ageing treatments and the treatment of various skin conditions: AVST and the C-Quence range, as well as Retinol, and new peptide formulation, especially suitable for menopausal and post-menopausal skin.

Obagi Nuderm

This is a range of strong products for transforming and renewing the complexion to counter the signs of ageing, hyper-pigmentation (age spots and brown spots), and Melsama.  This package of products can be used to treat many of the signs of ageing, and help to renew the skin. 


We also stock the SkinCeuticals range including: C E Ferulic, Retinol, B5 hydrating gel and anti-oxidant Resveratrol.

Light Therapies

Light therapies, not only laser but also light masks utilising red and near infrared wavelengths, can be used to stimulate collagen, cellular reproduction and repair. Deesse Pro LED phototherapy offers safe, low level light therapy using high quality surface mounted, light emitting diodes (LEDs) to expose the skin to 5 different wavelengths of light.

Used in conjunction with other collagen stimulating treatments such as Dermaroller®, they can enhance skin texture and improve the quality of the skin, addressing fine lines and thinning skin. 

Among conditions that can be successfully treated with LED phototherapy are hyper-pigmentation, eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, as well as stimulating healing and decreasing recovery time following procedures. 


skinade® is a collagen-boosting drink supplement working to boost your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, helping to:

• Increase skin hydration and radiance

• Reduce the appearance of fine lines

• Increase skin suppleness

• Promote healthier looking hair and nails

Skinade® can improve the results seen with Collagen Induction Therapy/EDS Micro-Needling.



This is an injectable hyaluronic acid-based product that stimulates collagen and elastin over the course of up to month, working to hydrate the skin.  It can be used to treat ageing and sagging tissue by causing a lifting or tightening effect on the skin.


Volite® is an injectable treatment from the Juvederm® Vycross® family of products.  This innovative product is proven to improve the markers of hydration and elastin within the skin.  

It has been developed for administration just under the skin's surface to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin and resolve issues such as roughness, dryness, fine lines and scarring.  

Volite® has the capability of hydrating the skin from deep within, achieving results that are simply not possible with moisturisers applied to the surface. 

It is the only product of its kind currently available that requires just one treatment, with the results lasting from six to nine months afterwards, making it an efficient and cost-effective treatment option for patients.


Volux® is a product developed in the Vycross® range with qualities allowing it to be used to define, contour and sculpt the profile of the chin and jawline.


As people age, the skin on their face can appear sunken or thinner, causing any fine lines to look exaggerated.  Voluma® works to give ageing skin a firmer, plumper, more youthful appearance by adding volume to the cheeks and face and restoring the look and texture of the skin.