Consultations for skin and medical conditions

Frown lines
Forehead lines
Crows feet / peri-orbital lines / wrinkles
Down-turned mouth
Perioral lines / smokers' lines
Gummy Smile
Teeth Grinding
Jawline reduction / square face
Thin lips
Lack of lip definition
Jawline contouring 
Weak / poorly defined jawline
Weak / poorly defined chin
Retruded chin
Deflated cheeks
Cheek contour
Mid face volume loss
Mid face deflation
Saggy mid face
Saggy jawline
Ageing face
Nasolabial folds / nasolabial lines
Marionette lines / mouth to chin lines
Chin crease / mental crease
Facial rebalancing
Sunken temple hollow / upper face
Tear trough / eye bags /  tired looking eyes / sunken eyes / dark circles
Dry skin
Open pores
Problem skin and acne
Skin texture issues
Acne scarring
Sun damage
Skin resurfacing
Skin tags

Consultations for: 
Excessive sweating  / Hyperhidrosis