Treatments for lines and wrinkles

Treatments for lines and wrinkles  


When you approach Skin and Face Clinics Limited you will be offered a consultation and advice about the treatments or procedures we offer.

Annie believes that somewhere around 35 plus years is the ideal age to start anti-wrinkle treatments and Skin and Face Clinics Limited is guided by these principles.

During the consultation you will be:

  • Offered advice and guidance, based on Annie's considerable clinical and facial aesthetics experience, about what might be the best procedures to achieve the results you are looking for.
  • Fully informed about the limitations of any procedures, your suitability for them and the potential risks and benefits of various treatment options.

The quality and extent of our service

Annie combines her considerable experience of facial aesthetics, with a detailed understanding of the way faces can age over time, to deliver stunningly successful, age defying results.