Why Us?

Top five reasons you can trust Skin and Face Clinics Limited with your medical aesthetic and Dermal Filler treatments

1. You should only ever have your medical aesthetic or Dermal Filler treatments administered by a fully qualified practitioner

Skin and Face Clinics is the first in the UK to be officially accredited as safe and qualified to carry out non-surgical cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers. - and we have implemented the Save Face COVID-19 operational protocol.

We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and we have implemented the Save Face COVID-19 operational protocol. We are taking all reasonable steps to maintain a 2M distance. When this is not possible, we are doing everything practical to manage transmission risk. We will be wearing appropriate PPE and we are following government guidelines to don, doff and dispose of it correctly. We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance. We will be offering remote consultations and follow up appointments to reduce contact time. 

Legally anyone in the UK can carry out non-surgical cosmetic treatments and the industry has come under huge pressure to provide protection for patients from cowboy practitioners.

Save Face is the first organisation in the UK to provide a register of accredited practitioners - all of which have been visited and assessed for professionalism, qualifications and safety to give patients peace of mind when booking treatments.

One of Cardiff's most experienced, fully-qualified practitioners

Annie Cartwright, MSc, RGN, IP has been practicing in the field of facial aesthetics since 2003 and is one of Cardiff’s most experienced, fully qualified practitioners.  

Annie qualified as a nurse in 1986, as a Nurse Independent Prescriber in 2008, and obtained a Masters Degree in Advanced Practice in 2011.  As a Nurse Independent Prescriber, Annie can legally prescribe and administer licensed medicines relevant to her practice in cosmetic procedures.

The Medical and Health Care Regulatory Agency, MHRA, has licensed some injectable products for specific treatments such as frown lines and so-called ‘crows feet’ lines but not general cosmetic procedures.  However, they can be legally prescribed ‘off license' by appropriate practitioners (where it is accepted clinical practice and within their sphere of competence) if they accept legal, professional and clinical responsibility.

2. You should be able to verify your practitioner’s qualifications before allowing them to treat you

Always do your homework and find out as much as you can about the person who will be giving you any cosmetic treatment.  

If your practitioner has the necessary qualifications they will be registered with their appropriate regulatory body.

You can confirm Annie Cartwright's medical qualifications on-line

Annie Cartwright is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), the regulator for nurses and midwives in the UK, which exists to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public.  

The NMC maintains a register of all of the nurses and midwives in the UK, and their professional qualifications.  

You are invited to confirm Annie’s registered medical qualifications online at: http://www.nmc-uk.org/Search-the-register/

3. Research how experienced your practitioner is in administering medical aesthetic and Dermal Filler treatments

Operating in the field of aesthetics in Cardiff since 2003.

Annie Cartwright has been operating in the field of facial aesthetics in Cardiff since 2003. Based in Cardiff, South Wales and Camberley, Surrey, Annie administers medical aesthetic and Dermal Filler treatments as well as other anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation procedures to a significant number of men and women each year.  Around 85% of Annie’s clients come by recommendation.

Annie makes every effort to maintain and develop her expertise and knowledge in facial aesthetics and keeps fully informed of new clinical developments and best practice.

Masters Degree in Advanced Practice in 2011

She obtained a Masters Degree in Advanced Practice in 2011 and has a special interest in the psychological aspects of facial aesthetics, particularly involving treatments for lines and wrinkles.   

4. Training & Experience

Advanced level of training in anti-ageing medicine and facial rejuvenation

In addition to attending at least 5 training days, updates and master classes per year Annie has undertaken the most advanced level of training for all the products she uses in her practice.  Learning takes the form of practical ‘hands on’ training, demonstrations, lectures and seminars delivered by other practitioners including surgeons, doctors, and nurses from both the UK and overseas.  Some of these individuals are considered experts in the field of anti-ageing medicine and facial rejuvenation techniques. 

Author of 'Patient Satisfaction Following Botulinim Toxin Type A - A Systematic Review'

Annie is the author of a published research paper in the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, ‘Patient Satisfaction Following Botulinim Toxin Type A - A Systematic Review’, she is a regular peer reviewer for the journal and more recently has been appointed to the Editorial Board.  She also acts as an independent consultant and trainer to Allergan Corp, makers of the Botox® Juvederm® and Vycross® range of products, under their ANA program.

Annie has been a member of the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) Faculty since 2014. In 2019 Annie was invited to join Merz, suppliers of the Belotero range of dermal fillers and Bocouture Botulinum Toxin, as one of a select few Innovation Partners who train and advise on product use.  Other career experience has spanned the NHS, Pharmaceutical sector and Medical Education in roles that frequently combined both clinical knowledge and business expertise.

5. Reputable clinics will offer you a professional, no obligation consultation and operate to a strict Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Annie is committed to operating within strict ethical principles and values and abides by The NMC Code - Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Nurses and Midwives.

No obligation consultation

When you approach Skin and Face Clinics Limited you will be offered a professional consultation and advice about the treatments or procedures we offer.

Annie believes that somewhere around 35 plus years is the ideal age to start anti-wrinkle treatments and Skin and Face Clinics Limited is guided by these principles.  During the consultation you will be:

  • Offered advice and guidance, based on Annie's considerable clinical and facial aesthetics experience about what might be the best procedure to achieve the results you are looking for.
  • Fully informed about the limitations of any procedures, your suitability for them and the potential risks and benefits of various treatment options.

All treatments are tailored to the individual

Annie always aims to achieve subtle, but highly effective, changes in her clients’ appearance to suit their individual needs and give them ‘natural-looking’ results.  

However, Annie has built her client base by developing open, honest relationships with clients in her initial, two-way consultation process.  

This means that Annie will only give treatments that she knows will be effective and achieve the desired results.  

6. Your medical aesthetic or Dermal Filler practitioner should be fully insured

Annie Cartwright has comprehensive Public Liability and Medical Indemnity Insurance and this offers full protection for clients undergoing treatment.